Welcome to the site of Johanna & Leonardo!

Don't miss your chance to play on the site australian online casino real money. You will be satisfied! Johanna & Leonardo (Finland/Chile) are dancers/instructors/choreographers based in Stockholm Sweden, where they have their regular classes and train their teams (JLmambo). They have during many years teached and performed in numerous international salsafestivals reaching from Finland all the way to South Africa. They love the diversity in salsa, teaching, social dancing and choreography. Johanna & Leonardo have for a long time worked to promote dance in general, salsa on2 and related dances, always developing classes that help dancers to train beyond their comfort zone and to reach their full potential.

Workshops and regular classes include e.g. partnerwork, footwork, cha cha cha, pachanga, bodymovement, lifts, dips and tricks, ladies style and spinning technique.


please CONTACT US at info@johannayleonardo.com

We speak Swedish, English, Spanish and Finnish!

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