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Johanna (Jojo)

Johanna is broadly educated in dance and has been working with dance and movement professionally in many different forms. 
Since 2011 she is leading JLdance and teaching highly specialized classes in salsa. Johanna is trained in a wide variety of dance forms besides salsa/afro/latin. She is strongly influenced by the salsa scene of New York and travels abroad regularly to take classes. 
In salsa Johanna started as instructor in Cuban style and cross-body on1, until 2008 when she teamed up with Leonardo to choreograph, perform and teach, focusing on salsa on2.

Some of her formal studies in dance and movement include: 
Dance, Body Fundamentals, Dance and Folk Culture,(University of Oregon) 
Teacher training in yoga (Global yoga).
Creative dance (Skapande dans, Stockholms musikpedagogiska institut)
Dance & Movement therapy (Master of Arts, Danshögskolan). 
FloMo® instructor training under supervision of Pavel Cassius who has developed FloMo® (www.flomo.se). Anatomy Trains in Motion, Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut, 2019.

Movement Mapping™ 2019

Johanna is also one of the founders/choreographers/dancers in Babailao Dancers.


Leonardo (Leo)

Leonardo started dancing Latin American folk dances at a very young age.

He began dancing salsa 1998 and in 2001 he decided to further develop his skills by travelling and taking classes from reknown international salsa instructors, and has continued to do so ever since.

In 2008 he teamed up with Johanna and they have become a dancing couple with vast experience.  From 2009 to 2011 Leonardo also performed at different events in Europe as a member of MAS Mambo Stockholm.
In 2011 Babailao Dancers was formed with Leonardo being one of the founders and choreographers.

His great interest in latin music, understanding of dance and training has made Leonardo one of the most experienced and sought-after dancer/instructors/choreographers in Sweden within Salsa.


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